Capital can become

your game changer!

Through contact networks and a number of partners who are
located in Science Park Skövde, your company can get help with financing solutions
in different phases, whether it is development and research projects or support for growth.

Help with capital

In Science Park Skövde, among others, are Almi Företagspartner, IDC West Sweden AB and Skaraborg Invest. The support offered by the players may for example include contact with venture capitalists and business angels, innovation loans, springboards or assistance with idea formulation and applications to various forms of financial institutions.

For the right ideas with the right entrepreneurs there is always money. Below you can read about some of the financing types and partners we work with. There are several others we can turn to, depending on what your particular business needs at a specific time.

Skaraborg invest.jpg

Skaraborg Invest

Skaraborg Invest creates conditions for new entrepreneurship and new innovative jobs in Skaraborg. The idea of ​​their investments is to bridge the gap between founding money and traditional venture capital.


Almi Företagspartner

Almi Företagspartner supports startups in several ways, regardless of whether it is an international launch, development of a new product, a marketing initiative, an acquisition or the start of a new company.

Almi invest.jpg

Almi Invest

Almi Invest is Sweden’s most active startup investor. We are a venture capital company investing all over Sweden through eight regional venture capital companies, as well as one national GreenTech venture capital company. With 40 investment managers, we make about 50 new investments annually.


Region Västra Götaland

Region Västra Götaland supports growth companies by co-financing development initiatives that will contribute with new investments, increased employment or production.