Infusing the gaming industry with AI/ML


During this session, you will be inspired on how some of the 'biggest players' in gaming use AI/ML to perfect their games. You will also be given prescriptive guidance on how to get started with Machine Learning.

While most companies around the world and across industries want to add Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to their applications and processes, they perceive it as a daunting task. Sometimes they do not know where to start, other times they do not have the skills or time to develop their own Machine Learning (ML) models.

After attending this presentation, participants will have more insights into:

  1. How gaming companies work with AI/ML
  2. How a company grow within the AI/ML space
  3. (Bonus) How a company optimize AI/ML workloads for sustainability

This is an inspirational talk. To the most it will cover some business and IT architecture best practices but we will not go deep into machine learning concepts. If time permits, we will end the presentation with a short discussion on how AI/ML workloads can be optimized for sustainability.


Anamaria Todor, Amazon Web Services

About the lecturer

Anamaria has seen her first computer when she was 4 years old and basically never let computer science, video games and engineering go ever since. She has worked in various technical roles from freelancer, full-stack developer, to data engineer, technical lead and CTO at various companies in Denmark, focusing on the gaming and advertising industries. She has been at AWS for over 2 years, working as a Senior Solutions Architect, focusing mainly on Life Sciences and on AI/ML . Anamaria has a Bachelor Degree in Applied Engineering and Computer Science, a Master’s degree in Computer Science and over 10 years of AWS experience. When she’s not working or playing video games, she’s coaching girls and female professionals in understanding and finding their path through technology.

More information

This is a hybrid event, which means you can participate on site or digitally. You make your choice in the registration form below.

If you choose to participate on site, it will be possible to buy a light lunch in Växthuset's café, which you can take with you and eat during the lecture.

This lecture will be held in English.

Arrangör: Science Park Skövde AB

Plats: Digitalt eller på plats i Business Lounge i Växthuset, Science Park Skövde, Kaplansgatan 16b

Datum och tid: