In 2019 we changed the name from Gothia Science Park to Science Park Skövde. But it all started with a business concept in 1998.

Gothia Science Park AB was established in 1998. To begin with, the work consisted of formulating a business concept, a business plan and securing financing. In 1999, the company conducted incubator activities at the University's premises. In 2000, we opened the gates to our first science park and incubator building under the name Gothia Science Park. In connection with this, the company started recruiting its own staff. Today, having staff with relevant skills and experience is one of the company's core strategies.

At the time of establishing The Park, our county had a comparatively low level of education in the business community, while students from the University of Skövde found it difficult to find relevant employment in the local area. The entrepreneurial activity linked to the University was also negligible and there was a threat to the basic industries. The Park was started based on a need to contribute to the change of business in our region.

The purpose of Science Park Skövde was from the beginning partly to create opportunities for students and researchers to start companies based on their knowledge and skills, and partly to offer opportunities for companies to recruit students and establish collaboration with the University of Skövde.

Science Park Skövde is one of the incubators that has been selected as a participant in the Swedish national incubator program ever since the start of the national program in 2003.
A key strategy has been to build a sustainable innovation environment based on successful companies from our Incubator Program. As companies develop and new businesses are started, The Park has expanded with new premises and properties. Expansion has taken place in 2001, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2017 and 2019.

In 2009, Gothia Science Park was awarded the European Commission's European Enterprise Awards for Enterprise Development. Ten years later, in 2019, the name Gothia Science Park was changed to Science Park Skövde and a new logo was launched. The change of name does not change anything else. We continue to work for the companies in The Park, but under a new name.