Investment and funding can be your game changer

Money is the fuel that drives ideas and businesses forward. That's why we dedicate a lot of energy to opening doors to capital and investors for the businesses in our vicinity. With an extensive network and a variety of collaborative partners, your company can receive support with financing solutions in different phases, whether it's for development and research projects or support for growth.

Support and grants

- explore your possibilities

Do you have an idea but don't know how to acquire the resources to bring it to life? Or do you already have a business but are ready to take it to the next level? We understand that your business journey requires strategic investments, so we are here to guide you through various support and grant options that can drive your business forward. Feel free to reach out - we are here to help you find the right path!

Venture capital

- high potential and high risk

Considering venture capital as a possible path for your company? Venture capital investments are often made in newly established incorporated companies with high potential and high risk, which have a significant need for financing to reach the next level in the company's development.

If you choose a venture capitalist carefully, in addition to capital, you can gain both new expertise and new contacts that can support you in scaling up.

Publisher investment

- success through collaboration

Do you have a game company or a game idea? Publisher financing could be an option.

In a publisher financing model, the publisher takes on the responsibility of covering the costs of product development. The publisher may also contribute to marketing and advertising activities to boost sales. In exchange for the financing, the publisher will receive a share of the revenues from sales.

Investor? We have something for you!

Do you want to contribute to innovation in business and witness small companies evolve into large, successful enterprises? Then you should join our investor network! The network is open to both business angels and representatives of VC companies.

With us, you get the opportunity to connect with innovative startups that have sharp teams and exciting business ideas. It's natural for us that you contribute with experience, expertise, and valuable networks, in addition to capital.

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