Conference and meeting rooms

A creative workshop, board meeting, or large conference? We have unique conference and meeting facilities that suit various purposes and needs.


Business Lounge

This is our latest addition to our conference rooms. Business Lounge is the perfect venue for your digital meetings. Suitable for 8-50 people.



Gläntan means glade. As the name suggests, Gläntan is created from a forest environment. Suitable for 2-10 people.



Insikten is our biggest conference room. It is flexible to furnish in the way that suits your purpose, regardless if it is a workshop, lecture or a general meeting. Suitable for 25-140 people.



This is a conference room with many furnishing options. Here you can organize conferences for small to medium-sized groups. Suitable for 16-48 people.



Panorama is located on the fifth floor of Portalen. From the generous roof terrace you have a wonderful view in all directions. Panorama is perfect for big business decisions, customer events, board meetings and other meetings where you want peace and quiet. Suitable for 8-20 people.



Spegeln offers a different conference environment and is a place beyond the ordinary with electric fireplace and crystal chandeliers. The venue provides many opportunities for the smaller to medium sized company. Suitable for 8-32 people.


Vänern & Vättern

Vänern & Vättern offer great opportunities to take you further. The room can be shared with a folding wall, for creative group work. Suitable for 8-32 people.


Contact Ann-Christin if you want to know more about conference rooms and what we can offer.