Welcome to join our playground for innovation!

We have thoroughly investigated the Swedish games industry and the studios that are situated here.
Now, we think that you and your company would be a perfect match with our community.

Join us for a day in Skövde and get to meet our game studios and business coaches
at Science Park Skövde and of course – a free ticket to Sweden Game Conference.

As a selected player you will:

Get to enjoy:

  • A free trip to Skövde (and a return trip, of course, if you don’t want to stay forever. It could happen!)
  • Free entry to Sweden Game Conference (day entry 26/10)
  • Coffee, lunch, and a special outdoor activity at Mount Billingen

Connect and explore

  • An exclusive meeting with Pieces Interactive and Palindrome Interactive.
  • A conversation with Marcus Toftedahl, PhD in Information Technology, and business coach at Science Park Skövde. He will provide insights into education and research in computer game development.
  • A tour of Science Parks Skövde’s premises and inspiration on the development of Science City – Skövde’s new neighborhood designed for game developers.
  • A visit to Iron Gate Studios, and meet the team behind the game Valheim.
  • Take part in activities at the Sweden Game Conference for free.

Are you game?

Drop a line to Gustaf, why you should be one of the selected players to visit us, and include your full name, current location of you and your team and he will get back to you!

And, if you are curious about Skövde you will find more here.

Our game studios from Skövde are taking over the world

A determined effort over 20 years through Sweden Game Arena has put region Västra Götaland and the city of Skövde on the world map when it comes to games.

With successful game companies, whose games top the global bestseller lists, the game companies in Skövde have generated over 1 billion SEK. They all have one thing in common - they started their entrepreneurial journey through our proven startup program within games, Sweden Game Startup, which supports individuals with game ideas across Sweden. Together, they form a strong community, and their next success is just around the corner.

A game changer for your business

Science Park Skövde is an established arena for innovation and growth, giving companies within games, smart industry and tech a meeting place, a community and an innovative ecosystem to enable the sustainable solutions, services and digital experiences of the future.

In addition to facilities and support services, you gain access to specialized business coaches, startup program, knowledge-enhancing activities, testing environments, unique networks, and a vibrant community. Through close collaboration with the University of Skövde, companies in Science Park Skövde can work closely with research projects and connect with students and talents possessing the right skills.

Key figures

+ 200
game developers
+ 100
+ 800
workers in the park


Choosing Science Park Skövde also means becoming part of an innovative and vibrant ecosystem where business, academia and Skövde Municipality work together to provide companies with expertise, networks and opportunities. Thanks to a close partnership with the University of Skövde, companies in the park can join forces on research projects and find students and talent with the right skills. Bringing companies together in the right context is one of our most important roles. Besides premises and auxiliary services, the ecosystem also provides companies with access to specialised business coaches, start-up programmes, test environments, unique networks and a vibrant community. This is where companies develop – from conception to expansion and internationalisation – and become an important cog in the development of both the business sector and Skövde.


The industry of the future faces many challenges. Demands on production development, skills, knowledge and innovation are growing rapidly. ASSAR has been developed to meet global trends and challenges and is an arena that supports the manufacturing industry through education, innovation support, research and technology development. Here, you can participate in seminars, workshops, networks, see research in practice, get help starting a business, and much more. As a physical site, ASSAR aims to establish a world-leading integrated physical and virtual development environment for research, technology development, innovation and education. With ASSAR we want to give the manufacturing industry and technology companies in the Skaraborg region a competitive edge.

ASSAR is part of Science Park Skövde’s innovation environment which we operate together with the University of Skövde, IDC West Sweden AB, Volvo Car Corporation and Volvo Group. 

Making room for your business

Our companies are growing and need space, not just here in Skövde, but all over the world. To enable growth and space for more companies, we will over the next five years create an area with 500 new jobs and within ten years we aim to double the total area of our premises. In the new district of Skövde Science City, just a stone’s throw from the city centre, travel hub and university, modern and functional offices will be interspersed with housing to create a vibrant 24/7 district.

A place for Business

Skövde is close to Sweden’s largest markets and has modern infrastructure, the Western Main Line and logistics opportunities and communications, allow for both travel and commuting. Two hours by rail will take you to Stockholm and an hour will get you to Gothenburg, while Skövde’s proximity to several airports makes accessing the world beyond simple. The university provides the business community with a constant supply of students and talent, which has made Skövde a prominent technology and IT hub offering excellent conditions for finding the right skills.


We’d love to hear from you if you would like to find out more about our establishment opportunities.