Our mission

Science Park Skövde AB has a clear mission: To contribute to innovation in business. We do this by stimulating entrepreneurship in the knowledge economy through various ways through Science Park Skövde.

  • We develop startups
  • We contribute to the companies' development of new and advanced services and products
  • We stimulate business start-ups and community-building

    Our main processes are business development, innovation management and development of innovation ecosystems. Science Park Skövde operates in close connection with the University of Skövde and serves as a function for collaboration between academia, business and society. In our work, we benefit from the university's profile and research in various areas.

    Science Park Skövde is an open, strategic platform for the development of knowledge, innovations and companies. We are a meeting place where people work and meet to be inspired, develop and exchange thoughts and ideas. It is in the meeting between people that development takes place. That is why we work on creating opportunities for constructive and useful meetings.