Game companies are top of the list of the largest corporations in Skövde


Skövde nyheter has taken a closer look at which corporations performed the best, financially, in Skövde during 2022. Not surprisingly, the list is topped by Skövde's games industry.

In the list are the 50 limited liability companies in Skövde that had the highest taxable income in 2022, according to the 2023 data. Out of the top five, four are game companies, all emerged from Science Park Skövde's startup program for games - Sweden Game Startup, and they are all part of Sweden Game Arena.

Top 5:

  1. Redbeet Interactive AB – 239,5 Msek
  2. Iron Gate AB – 158 Msek
  3. Stunlock Studios AB– 132,9 Msek
  4. Skövdebostäder – 123,9 Msek
  5. Coffee Stain Publishing – 118,6 Msek

"That three game companies top the list of Skövde's most revenue-generating businesses comes as no surprise to those of us within the industry. It demonstrates that the investment being made in Skövde is indeed yielding results! From the perspective of Science Park Skövde, the challenge lies in supporting both companies and the games industry to have eight game companies in the top ten list within five years. It's not an unrealistic goal and it indicates that the collaboration between the municipality, university, and business sector is a key success factor, with Science Park Skövde and Sweden Game Arena serving as facilitators and driving forces", says Marcus Toftedahl, project leader and business coach at Science Park Skövde and spokesperson for Sweden Game Arena.