Highlights from the science park's 25 years


25 years with Science Park Skövde. 25 years of innovation. Over the course of these 25 years, a multitude of companies have been born or relocated to the park. Buildings have been demolished to make room for new, more spacious ones. Meetings, events, activities, and development have flowed continuously. We have delved into the park's history to provide a glimpse into the everyday opportunities within the park, as well as a retrospective on events that have unfolded over the years. Join us!

Did you know that ...

... Ideus AB, located on the 4th floor of our building Växthuset, has been operating in Science Park Skövde since its inception?
Founded by Jörgen Melbe in 1993, Ideus is the longest-standing company in the park. Other companies that have been in the park for at least 20 years include Crepido AB (2000), Forsway Scandinavia AB (2003), i.P1 AB (2003), and Farsight Tech Nordic AB (2004, formerly Västgöta-Data).

... the "Sillafrukost" and Christmas breakfast for all employees in Science Park Skövde is a longstanding tradition?
Already in the early days of the park, when all companies were housed in Kanikegränd 1, breakfast meetings were scheduled every day. The daily meeting and exchange of ideas were an important part of everyday life. As the park has grown with new buildings, more companies, and employees, the daily breakfast with everyone has naturally become impossible. However, the breakfast tradition is maintained twice a year, 25 years after its inception!

... Science Park Skövde has been named European champion in entrepreneurship?
At a ceremony in Prague in 2009, the park was awarded the Enterprise Development prize as part of the European Enterprise Awards. The competition was established in 2005 by the European Commission. It recognizes and rewards initiatives that support entrepreneurship at the regional level. "We are incredibly proud of the title European champion in entrepreneurship. It's like a fairy tale," commented then-municipal councilor Tord Gustafsson when he received the award.