Investor network focuses on games - "Nothing like it anywhere else in the world"


As an initiative to expand the network of business angels and individuals who want to make a difference in the business community, Science Park Skövde took the step and founded an investor network. Last week they gathered for the first time, and this time the focus was on games.

"What has been accomplished here in Skövde for game developers and start-up game companies is unique in the world," says Henrik Jonsson, Game Industry Growth Consultant at Radgivery.

Science Park Skövde actively supports companies in finding viable business models and coaching teams, but also in creating the conditions to attract capital for growth. The investor network was founded with the aim of gathering local and national investors who, with their expertise, experience, and capital, want to be involved in supporting companies in their growth journeys.

"As the network has grown, investors have joined who are interested in investing specifically in video game companies, and who also want to learn more about how to invest in the industry, which was the starting point for the network meeting," says Anna Emanuelsson, business coach with a focus on financing and investment at Science Park Skövde AB.

World-class quality

Henrik Jonsson, Game Industry Growth Consultant at Radgivery, has over 30 years of experience in the gaming industry, the last five of which were at Embracer Group where he looked for game companies in the early development phase for potential investment. Through his work, he has visited many incubators in Sweden, Europe, Canada, and the USA.

"There are many incubators in Sweden and the rest of the world that are built up in a similar way to Science Park Skövde, but one important point sets them apart. The results that have come from Skövde over a long time are unmatched by anyone else in the world. The quality that is delivered from here is unique in the world," says Henrik.

Reaching a global market

During the network meeting, Henrik shared his insights on what to consider when investing in game companies. He believes that it is an industry that differs from many others.

"Games as a product are not created to solve a problem, but are only about entertainment. Another thing that makes it unique is that the product reaches a global market through various distribution platforms immediately upon release."

Pitched their project

One team looking for investment to continue developing their project is the game company Gibbet Games AB. They pitched their horror golf adventure game Club House on Haunted Hill during the network meeting, and are one of nearly 30 game companies in the startup program Sweden Game Startup run by Science Park Skövde AB. Last fall, they won the Indiecator of the Year award at the autumn Sweden Game Conference, when they showed off their game to visitors at the conference.

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