Lumi Labs secures investment for development of language training plattform


Lumi Labs has now secured an investment of 1.6 million. The company develops the platform LingoLooper, which aims to contribute to integration and community through language. The platform, soon to be available in open beta, can be described as "The Sims with AI for language training."

The startup Lumi Labs was founded in the summer of 2022 when the founders Danielle Karlsson and Simon Dürr had just completed their joint studies at Chalmers. They united around a vision to develop a platform that, with the help of new AI technology, Virtual Reality, and Gamification, would bridge the gap between theory and reality while making interactive language training simple, fun, and effective.

Through their platform LingoLooper, users are taken to new countries where they can explore different places and get to know hundreds of unique AI avatars. It's a safe place where you can practice holding dynamic and lifelike conversations in the target language, tailored to your level of proficiency. After each session, you receive direct feedback, allowing you to track your language development over time.

"We were fascinated early on by the advancements in AI and VR and saw an opportunity to utilize the strengths of this technology to create an innovative educational solution that truly engages and makes a meaningful difference in users' lives," says Danielle Karlsson, CEO and co-founder of Lumi Labs, and continues:

"Conversation practice is perhaps the most crucial piece of the puzzle for achieving fluent communication in a new language, but the opportunities were limited before LingoLooper. We strive for a world where everyone, regardless of origin and native language, feels welcome and included. LingoLooper creates a safe space where you can practice, develop, and feel a sense of belonging through a shared language."

Success and results

In the fall of 2022, Lumi Labs was accepted into the startup program at Science Park Skövde, where they received support primarily in business development and opportunities to participate in relevant fairs and events to meet valuable contacts and investors.

"We have received fantastic support from Science Park Skövde through the incubator since the company was barely three months old. As an edtech company, we are both tech and gaming companies, and thanks to Science Park Skövde, we have gained access to leading expertise from both worlds, which is not common. I am so grateful that they saw the potential in us and our idea," says Danielle.

"I see Lumi Labs' first investment as a great proof of how the combination of a strong founding team, an innovative product addressing an important societal issue, and a high commitment to Science Park Skövde's startup program creates success and results," says Anna Emanuelsson, business coach at Science Park Skövde AB.

And the development of both the company and the platform has progressed rapidly since the start.

"In 2023, our focus was on developing an MVP that proves the platform's real value and learning potential. Now, we are ready to take the leap into the world and launch LingoLooper in March 2024 in an open beta version on the AppStore and PlayStore. It feels amazing," concludes Danielle.

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