Noden is the next step for Skövde Science City


Skövde Science City, one of the largest initiatives in Skövde municipality, is a collaboration between various actors, companies, and organizations. Kreativa Hus AB serves as the tool for Science Park Skövde, facilitating the physical development of the park alongside Skövde Science City. The first major project on the agenda is Noden, a unique seven-story building tailored to the desire for open office spaces and spontaneous meetings.

What is now eight properties, with over 1100 employees, and known as Science Park Skövde, was much smaller and under a different name when it started in 2000. When Science Park Skövde (formerly Gothia Science Park) was established 25 years ago, there was only one property - but a grand vision. The site aimed to contribute to the establishment of service companies in the region, particularly in digitalization. Since then, the expansion has continued.

"When analyzing the historical growth, we can see that we have grown quite consistently over the years. We have increased by over 100 individuals and 1500 square meters per year, and that's also the opportunity we're working towards in the future," says Gustaf Sandegren, Establishment Manager at Science Park Skövde.

Eight buildings in 25 years

From the very first building, called H-huset, the park has grown eightfold. Expansion has occurred in 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013, 2017, 2018, and 2022. All in harmony with helping entrepreneurs stay in Skövde, as well as attracting new ones. Additionally, to easily collaborate with the University of Skövde and recruit students.

"What has been a consistent theme in all expansions here is that they have emerged from ideas from those who live and work here. I've learned that the customer is always right, and that's why I think it's very important to let those who will actually be here have their say," says Gustaf, continuing:

"There's no reason to search for answers that someone else already has. That's why I've spent a lot of time just talking to people in the park. There's so much engagement here."

Open office spaces and spontaneous meetings

Ahead of the continued expansion, alongside Science City, comes Noden as the first building to join the rest of the Science Park family: Portalen, Växthuset, Tegelbruket, Spaljén, Pergolan, Drivbänken, U-hallen och Nyeport. A building designed to meet the need for open office spaces and a place for spontaneous meetings.

Plans for Noden began with a series of workshops, where the park's tenants, the companies, were invited to share their thoughts and discuss plans for the building.

Noden as a landmark

"Many interesting ideas emerged. Partly, that much of what has been done historically has been somewhat sterile, practical, and to some extent boring, without any real identity. We took those thoughts into the architectural process and are now creating something that will be more of a landmark, a place for open spaces and meetings."

The idea is, like the entire Skövde Science City project, to create a home for companies that fosters even more quality for future growth, as well as motivation for the companies already in the park to stay. Noden is expected to be ready to welcome its first tenants in the second or third quarter of 2026.

"Then the work of expanding the park will continue. We have already begun planning the other properties we own, Mariesjö 4 and Mariesjö 11. The idea is for the new construction to run alongside the plan to grow by 1500 square meters per year. We have a large influx of business ideas into our startup program, and the companies are growing, so we don't see the need stopping anytime soon. Our job is to ensure that they have the right conditions based on their square meters".