One of our new startups: Teknikbibliotek


Hi, Teknikbibliotek! Can you tell us a little bit about your company?
Yes, it all started in 2020. We were a group of students with the ambition to start a tech company in Sweden, so we did. Today our team consists of five persons. We provide IT services such as website development, mobile app development, e-commerce development and chat bots. Our latest idea is Snapinmenu, a digital menu for restaurants.

How did you come you up with the idea?
We looked at digitalization in various industries in Sweden, but we wanted to focus on the areas that were less digitalized. So, we looked into the restaurant industry and saw their challenges and limitations. Most of the restaurant owners ask for reliability and they want to reduce the time for each order. Snapinmenu is a solution for restaurant owners, so they can work more user-friendly. We just started a collaboration with a major payment provider, which is a great partner for us. This means that we potentially have hundreds of restaurants that will use Snapinmenu.

What made you apply to Science Park Skövde Startup?
Under your guidance, many startups have become scalable businesses. Due to this, we wanted to apply to this program.

What are your expectations for the program?
We are looking forward to getting your expertise in helping us scale up. We are also looking for investments to grow with a higher speed.

Where is your business in five years?
We want to digitalize the hotel and restaurant industry in Sweden, then we want to expand to other countries.

Read more about Teknikbibliotek here

Our business coach about Teknikbibliotek

“It's fun to work with Teknikbibliotek and the team behind Snapinmenu. They have a lot of good ideas and a strong drive, which gives them a high pace in their product development. They have already tested Snapinmenu on the market and are currently implementing the changes based on initial feedback from pilot customers. It will be exciting to be a part of their journey”, says Gustaf Nimar, Business Coach at Science Park Skövde.

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