Wishfully premiered Planet of Lana


Wishfully is an indie game studio that started as an incubator company at Science Park Skövde's branch in Gothenburg 2018. With the support of the business developers in the Startup program, the studio has now taken a big step towards becoming a successful computer game company. At Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live, Wishfully's debut title, Planet of Lana, premiered.

Planet of Lana is a cinematic puzzle adventure in hand-drawn style with a strong story and an epic soundtrack.

- Being able to show us at Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live means a lot to us as a game studio. We have been working with the game since August 2018 and now we finally get to show the game. It feels extra fun that our publisher - Thunderful - is also here in Gothenburg, says Adam Stjärnljus, Creative Director and Co-founder at Wishfully Studios.


– The startup program, run by The Game Incubator, has been absolutely invaluable to us. This journey would not have been possible without the knowledge, support and assistance of the business developers. It is fantastic to be a part of The Game Incubator and Sweden Game Arena, says Adam.

Planet of Lana will be launched exclusively on Xbox and PC via Steam®.

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