New date in fall: Engaging sustainability communication


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This workshop on April 11th will instead take place in the beginning of fall. Date is to be announced.

This is an exciting time of transition to a more sustainable society, challenging our ingrained beliefs and demanding new ways of thinking. This applies to our relationship to the climate and the environment, but also to our relationship to each other as human beings and how we interact with society – in other words, the social dimension of sustainability. In order to address the challenges we face in a constructive and proactive way, each company needs a sustainability work that is based on their own business and an engaging story about the future and the journey to get there.

In the workshop:

  • We take a closer look at how active sustainability work can be used to create engaging and credible communication and development of the brand.
  • We go through how you can work to avoid greenwashing and relate to concepts such as sustainability, carbon offsetting and climate neutrality.
  • We bring up practical examples and open up for inspiring discussion.

About the speakers

Martin Alm, sustainability strategist and project manager, and Agnes Backegårdh, CEO and strategist at the agency Where is my pony, will be the speakers at this workshop. Where is my pony is a strategic communication and design agency with a focus on sustainability. The agency has extensive experience in sustainability communication and helps companies, organizations, and public actors to analyze, prioritize, and communicate, change attitudes, create new opportunities, and achieve good results.


Martin Alm


Agnes Backegårdh

Practical information

This workshop will be held in English.
Coffee and sandwich will be provided.

This workshop on April 11th will instead take place in the beginning of fall. Date is to be announced.

Arrangör: Science Park Skövde AB

Plats: Business Lounge i Växthuset, Science Park Skövde, Kaplansgatan 16b

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